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Limon is a victim of injust

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Who can say that, Bangladesh is a modern, democratic and civilized country? How could we say it that we are civilized? Every discrimination makes violation of human rights.  Discrimination is one of the most common practice by the state in Bangladesh. The political and economical powerful people always getting undue previlage from the state. Poor people are sufferings with discrimination and injus

Recently, a gross human rights violation was happened by Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) in Bangladesh. A college student Limon Hossen is the victim of that event. He already been lost one of his leg. Sources said, he is an innocent who has victimized by RAB. There is no accountibility, morality and responsibility in Bangladesh. People are always looking peace and justice. But peace and justice are golden deer there. Limon’s event is well publicized in nationally and internationally.

The chairman of National Human Rights Commission(NHRC) , Professor Mizanur Rahman was cried after hearing the inhuman brutllity of RAB from Limon. Every conscious people have been cried after seen Limon’s crying. Limon told the brutallity of RAB on his to the NHRC chairman.  Limon is a victim of injust. Police or government can submit the charge sheet against the innocent people like Limon very promptly. But they can’t make charge sheet against RAB. But why?  It is a big question and a clear discrimination made by the state.

Workers party leader Maznu Sheikh was killed in Rajshahi in 2007. Police didn’t submit charge sheet of this (Maznu murder case) murder case since 2007. Many other examples are there. Bangladesh Government should be stopped all kinds of extra judicial killings and torturing and RAB should be punished and disbanded immediately for the interest of rule of law, human rights and democracy.

Not only Sahara but also President, PM, Khaleda are responsible for all extra judicial killings, torturing. We know, so called gunfight, crossfire and encounter are false story making by RAB or Police. If they are interested to continue extra judicial killings and torturings then why there are judiciary, court, law, constitution? If they can’t disbanded RAB and can’t stop the extra judicial killings and torturing then to throw the Bangladesh into the Bay of Bengal. It would be better than a jungle govern.


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